Just about every girl pictures her dream wedding day at some point in the not so distant future. The flowers are perfect, her hair is done just right and her groom is looking as handsome as ever. However, she likely does not fantasize about her being in tears just 5 hours before when the wedding venue turned out to be a complete nightmare dealing with http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wedding_reception.


In my years of experience I have seen just about everything you could imagine and the only thing that is truly consistent is the crying bride. Recently my daughter was married in an El Paso Wedding Venue. We were both pleasantly surprised with the level of service that was offered. Everything was handled incredibly smoothly and the staff actually gave us a timeline that they stuck to by the minute! My daughter was thrilled and it allotted for her to stress out about one less thing.



I have personally overseen around 300 weddings around the United States. I have recently moved out to El Paso to join my daughter and her new fiancé and I have started a small private wedding planning business out here. I have had requests from several of my clients to do specific venues, but I am still yet to have the quality of services as I did at 150 Sunset. I strongly encourage any feedback on this blog if you have had a different experience than I or have any where else in El Paso that you would recommend for a wedding.


However, if you would rather just take my word for it I strongly recommend you take a visit to http://150sunset.com/event-hosting and start planning your dream today. Also keep in mind that I am an industry professional and I do not hand out compliments often.